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Researchers at the University of Zurich and Spexis have re-engineered the chemical structure of a natural peptide, thanatin, to develop a new class of antibiotics capable of combating resistant bacteria. The synthetic peptides have demonstrated effectiveness, safety, and resistance to bacterial immunity in mice tests, bringing the potential for a new type of antibiotic that can combat resistant strains. In a study recently published in Science Advances, Zerbe now discusses the development of a highly effective class of antibiotics that fight Gram-negative bacteria in a novel way. The WHO classifies this group of bacteria as extremely dangerous. The group, whose resistance...

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A study of one of the weapons that bacteria use to defeat rivals has revealed a new approach for potential antibiotics.

Different species, and even different strains of the same species of bacteria, can compete for resources by launching weapons that impair or kill their competitors. One of these weapons is the 'Type VI secretion system' (T6SS), a microscopic harpoon, which several bacteria use to fire toxic arrows at other bacteria.

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