Women In Chemistry

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Jump into the awesomeness of chemistry! Discover the power of curiosity and resilience along with the women who have blazed a trail in the world of science. From ancient times to modern day, the exciting story of chemistry is sure to inspire the scientist in everyone.

Can one girl's questions change the world? The Science Wide Open series invites your child into the breathtaking world of science!

Women in Chemistry follows a conversation between an inquisitive young girl, who wonders what things are made of, and a scientifically astute narrator, whose answers are crafted to be both accurate and approachable to a young mind. In this way, learning the basics of chemistry becomes a natural outcome of enjoying the story. 

Concepts covered in the Women in Chemistry book include: Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, Atoms, Elements, The Periodic Table, Molecules, Chemical Structures, Chemical Reactions, Matter, Mass, Observations, Research, Hypotheses, Experiments, …and more!

Science Wide Open also tells the stories of influential female scientists throughout history by weaving together the questions of this spunky young protagonist with the underrepresented but true stories of these women of science!

Scientists profiled include Cleopatra the Alchemist, Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier, Dawn Shaughnessy, Rosalind Franklin, and Ada Yonath.

The Science Wide Open series has been peer reviewed by a team of over 17 PhDs and science educators, along with hundreds of parents!