Women in Biology

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Can one girl's questions change the world? The Science Wide Open series invites your child into the breathtaking world of science!

Take a peek inside the mysterious world of living things! Learn alongside the inspirational women who've changed the world with their scientific discoveries. This fun story of biology is a perfect place for young scientists to start their own journey of discovery and wonder.

Women in Biology follows a conversation between an inquisitive young girl, who wonders what living things are made of, and a scientifically astute narrator, whose answers are crafted to be both accurate and approachable to a young mind. In this way, learning the basics of biology becomes a natural outcome of enjoying the story.

Concepts covered in the Women in Biology book include: Cells, Receptors, DNA, Genes, Metamorphosis, Observations, Research, Hypotheses, Experiments, the Linnaean System… and more!

Science Wide Open also tells the stories of influential female scientists throughout history by weaving together the questions of this spunky young protagonist with the underrepresented but true stories of these women of science!

Scientists profiled include Maria Sibylla Merian, Hildegard of Bingen, Linda Buck, Barbara McClintock, and Jane Cooke Wright.

Science Wide Open is a children's book series that explains and teaches some basic concepts in chemistry, biology and physics in simple and memorable terms by using the natural questions and curiosity of a young child and by highlighting some of the mind blowing scientific advancements made by women scientists throughout history. The current series consists of three books:

Each book in the Science Wide Open series consists of more than 32 full color pages, featuring 4-5 female scientists of diverse time periods and backgrounds as well answering questions like:


The beautiful artwork is accurate to the history and science it represents. The text is fun to read and easy to understand, and there’s even a glossary for curious kids (and adults) who want to delve deeper into the science!


Science Wide Open makes science accessible for all. You don’t need a science background to enjoy these books, but you’ll still appreciate them if you do. The series weaves narration, history, and science together to celebrate the power of curiosity and resilience.  

If asked for a list of famous women in science, most people would start and end with Marie Curie. The truth is that countless women have made astonishing contributions to science, but many of their stories have been obscured or downplayed. 

  • Engages readers in the amazing science behind how the world works in terms kids can understand and enjoy.  
  • Introduces female role models for aspiring young scientists of any gender.
  •  Shares inspirational stories of women who have changed the world through their scientific discoveries.    

The Science Wide Open series has been peer reviewed by a team of over 17 PhDs and science educators, along with hundreds of parents!

"You have somehow hit a fine balance between age-appropriateness and factual correctness in both the art and the text." - Bruce Ravel, BA, MS and PhD in Physics

"As a Biology teacher I appreciate the science, and as a dad of girls ages 6 and 3, I love its simplicity. The illustrations grab attention and the content is manageable." - Sean O'Neill, H.S. biology instructor and parent of two young girls