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VaxCards (starter + expansions)

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Vaxcards is a game of infectious disease and fun! A strategic battle style card game where players collect diseases to infect and try to eradicate each other's diseases. The game is played with a hit point system, aiming to lower your opponent's resistance to zero. The fun, lovable characters are based off the childhood, adult and traveler vaccination program. Illustration and game mechanics are built around symptoms and statistics from real diseases. The game has three settings of complexity, for normal humans, younger humans and advanced game humans. The collectable character cards have the potential to be integrated as a reward for vaccination against that specific disease for children nervous of needles. As you progress through the schedule, the more playable characters and game options unlock. The game can also be enjoyed by any science or tabletop game lover, with innovative concept, robust game mechanics and quirky fun quick game play.

Decks come with a starter and 4 expansions.

You'll need two decks!

Welcome to the herd, player!


This game was created by doctors for a few simple reasons: to educate kids and parents about vaccination and infectious diseases, to provide a fun way to achieve this education, and to provide a reward for vaccination that kids want!

Vaccination should not be a touchy subject, and we hope this game will start the conversation for those who are hesitant and make the process easier for parents and children to get educated about the diseases vaccines protect us from.

Is the game only for kids?

Not at all. While the main aim of this game is to provide a medium to educate kids and reward them for vaccination, we created the game mechanics very carefully so that it can be enjoyed by all game enthusiasts (like we are) while being simple enough to teach kids.

Goal of the Vaxcards team:

  1.  Every child to be educated and rewarded for vaccination
  2.  Achieve this in an engaging way that will interest the child
  3.  Distribute the tools to do this with reputable partners in the most cost effective way


    Designed by an Australian Doctor, Vaxcards© is a collector style card game designed to integrate with the vaccination schedule for children, adults and travelers.

    Get a vaccine, collect the disease character card.

    An innovative low tech solution to disease education and reward for vaccination.

    The aim of the game is increase uptake of vaccination, to educate children and parents about diseases they are getting vaccinated against and to be used as a tool for parents to reward children nervous of needles. 

    However, the stand alone game is worth playing.... all the global health benefits aside....

    MEDIA collection.png

    Vaxcards taps into the hunger for collect-them-all style games in hope to further achieve herd immunity- the concept of population majority being immune to a infectious disease, in turn providing protection to all those in the group. This echoes in the Vaxcards hashtag call to action: