Survive! Inside the Human Body: The Circulatory System

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"An educational triumph. It’s smart, it’s accurate, it’s comprehensive, and above all, it’s actually fun—a concept so many popular science books aim for, but so very few achieve." —The NC Science, Mathematics, Technology Center (Read More)

"Abundant scientific information in a format that is appealing and exciting." —NSTA Recommends (National Science Teachers Association)

A Heart-Pounding Science Adventure to Get Your Blood Racing!

The adventure continues in Survive! Inside the Human Body, Vol. 2 with an amazing journey through the circulatory system. 

In this volume, our heroes Geo and Dr. Brain face hostile white blood cells, Phoebe’s powerful heartbeat, and a bruise that threatens to suck them out of the bloodstream and leave them stranded forever! As you follow their fast-paced comic adventure through Phoebe’s blood, heart, and lungs, you’ll learn all about the human circulatory system.

Have you ever wondered...

  • How your heartbeat keeps a steady pace?
  • Why your blood forms a scab after you get a cut or scrape?
  • How your body defends itself against bacteria and other intruders?
  • How children inherit their blood types from their parents?
  • How your muscles and brain get the oxygen and nutrients they need to survive?
  • How the body filters out toxins in food before they reach your bloodstream?