Protons & Neutrons

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My First Science Textbook: Protons and Neutrons is a 32-page hardcover children's book for ages 2 and up.

Spark scientific curiosity in kids of all ages! Even a toddler can begin to understand the basics of chemistry as they follow Pete the Proton and Ned the Neutron who get together to build everything in the universe. "My First Science Textbook" is a series of children's science books that teach kids the basics of chemistry using simple rhyming sentences and vibrantly colorful science pictures that make it easy for young kids to engage and understand. In this Book 1 of the three part Chemistry series, basics like the characteristics of the proton, the characteristics of the neutron, the nucleus of an atom, and the strong force are introduced in a way that's highly memorable, highly educational - and funny too!

Book 1: Protons and Neutrons -  The story of subatomic particles as never told before…meet Pete the Proton and Ned the Neutron! This light-hearted, scientifically accurate book turns Chemistry 101 into a delightful tale of universal friendship. 

Why read stories to kids about... chemistry?

  • Sparks scientific curiosity and wonder in children
  • Helps start family conversations about how the world works
  • Provides a framework from which it becomes easy to teach kids about science!

Now is your chance to share this scientific goodness with your children, grandchildren, students, nieces, nephews… or any other children in the vicinity. Bonus: it rhymes.

The first book follows Pete the Proton and Ned the Neutron as they get together to build…


In fact, YOU are built out protons and neutrons. See? You’re already learning about how awesome subatomic particles are.

It's amazing how quickly children can soak up information about the world around them; colors, numbers, and even incredible detail about the characters in stories...

No matter what age students are, they all face similar difficulties - the most common hurdle hindering their progress is a perception of science and chemistry as intimidating. 

This book is a fun and memorable way to introduce kids to this same content, before they develop that perception!

Whether you're in 5th grade, or college, the basics of chemistry are all the same. The world we live in is made out of essentially three tiny particles: Protons, Neutrons and Electrons.

It might sound crazy, but we're convinced that even a toddler can begin to understand some of these basics of chemistry and science. . . there’s just currently no context in which to teach it to them!

The My First Chemistry Textbook series provides that context to introduce science and chemistry to kids of all ages!

These are stories about those three tiny particles and how they make up the world that we experience everyday.

Book created by John Coveyou of Genius Games, who worked with writer Mary Wissinger, of Chin Up Heart Open and illustrator Harriet Kim Anh Rodis.