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Periodic Table of Elements (NEW DESIGN)

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This groundbreaking new take on the periodic table of elements designed by chemist Sam Price makes several parameters apparent that you don't find in a typical periodic table. The visual electron orbital configurations give insight into the layout of the periodic table. Electronegativity, density, electron affinity, ionization energy, and atomic radii display trends that occur across the table. Ionic radii shows how radii grows, and shrinks as electrons are added or removed. Radioactive elements are displayed with striped lines in the background indicating the half-life period. Relationships between ionization energies, and orbital configurations can be seen. Made in the USA.

  • 2 ft x 3 ft, 24in x 36in, 100 lb Matte paper.
  • Atomic radii, ionic radii, oxidation states displayed, Representation of orbital configuration subshells, (s,p,d,f subshells)
  • Melting, boiling temperature points
  • Electron affinity, electronegativity, ionization energy
  • 2013 Abridged standard atomic weights, and most stable isotope half-life.