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Vintage Microbiology Notebook

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Amoebas, paramecium, and various microscopic pond organisms drift quietly across this flame red notebook. A emblazoned in the colors of fall leaves, this notebook celebrates the tiny world of tiny creatures that exists in droplets of water.

Let this notebook encourage you to take beautiful microbiology notes, inspired lesson plans, or intriguing poetic works.

The Vintage Notebook line from Cognitive Surplus features classic illustrations from early scientific works.

The course might end, but your notes will last. With 192 pages there's plenty of space to spread out and make every page beautiful. Lose yourself in your work and record all your findings.

Designed with lined pages on the right to take notes or collect your thoughts, and graph paper on the left to annotate, graph, or record data.

By Cognitive Surplus.

Softcover: 6.75" x 8.9" - 112 pages - $12
Hardcover: 6.9" x 9.1" - 192 pages - $20