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Circle of Willis Poster

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"The Circle of Willis: A Tapestry of Cerebral Tributaries" is part of the Curative Design poster series, designed by Eleanor Lutz. This poster lists the various arteries known as the "Circle of Willis," a circulatory anastomosis that supplies blood to the brain and surrounding structures, named after Thomas Willis, an English physician from the 17th century. This poster depicts their relative locations on a map designed in the style of a medieval tapestry, as if these arteries were actually noble families with their own family crests. It's like Game of Thrones meets hemodynamics!

Arteries listed on this poster:

  1. Anterior Communicating Artery
  2. Anterior Cerebral Artery
  3. Middle Cerebral Artery
  4. Posterior Communicating Artery
  5. Posterior Cerebral Artery
  6. Superior Cerebellar Artery
  7. Anterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery
  8. Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery
  9. Anterior Spinal Artery
  10. Vertebral Artery
  11. Basilar Artery
  12. Pontine Arteries
  13. Anterior Choroidal Artery
  14. Lenticulostriate Artery
  15. Internal Carotid Artery
  16. Optic Chiasm Artery

18" x 24"
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