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Peptide: A Protein Building Game

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In Peptide, players compete to link amino acids side-by-side, building what’s called a Peptide Chain (a protein). In biology, this process is called RNA Translation. In order to build this protein, players take turns drafting from face-up Organelle Cards. Each organelle rewards players with either molecular resources or cellular actions. Final scores are based upon the types of amino acids in your Peptide Chain, and the player with the most points wins!

Type of Game:  Open Card Drafting, Resource Management

Ages: 10+     Players: 2 - 5     Time: 30 - 45 mins

Science Concepts: RNA to protein translation, polypeptide chains, proteins, amino acids, vacuole, mitochondria, nucleus, ribosome, mRNA, tRNA, ATP.

Designed by John Coveyou, Genius Games. 

"Don’t let the heavy science theme fool you; underneath it all Peptide is an enjoyable card game that will also teach you a bit about amino acids and peptide chains... The game is playable even if you don’t have a prior grasp of the chemistry behind the game and will familiarize your child with the terminology they’ll encounter very shortly in their science classes... The biology is presented in a way that is not overwhelming, but also not dumbed-down. The kids (and you) won’t even realize you’re learning! This would make a fantastic gift for the budding scientist or for someone who already has their PhD." - Sahm reviews
"An educational, intriguing game, with a small learning curve (mostly the lingo), some interesting game mechanics, and quite a bit of depth to it’s strategy." - Jason Hancock from Troll in The Corner
"One of those rare games that is fun, but also sneaks actual learning in as well." - Jim Flemming from Board Game Reviews by Josh