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Covalence: A Molecule Building Game

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Covalence is a puzzle-style, cooperative, chemistry game for 2-4+ players. In Covalence, players work together to accurately build a number of secret organic molecules. One player takes on the role of the "Knower" who has knowledge of the Secret Molecules, while all other players, "Builders", must deduce what these secret molecules are, based upon clues given to them by the Knower. All Builders must cooperatively utilize a limited number of clues available in order construct their molecules before the clues run out!

  • For 2-4+ Players. 20-30 minute playing time
  • Accurately themed around the chemistry of how elements covalently bond to form organic molecules
  • Four different levels of difficultly provides young and experienced players with an enjoyable and challenging experience
  • Perfect for gaming groups, family game night or the science classroom

By Genius Games.